Why We Are Here

Why we are here.

Do ever wonder why things happen the way they do? Why life’s circumstances fall seemingly in and out of place without often ever knowing the reason why? Maybe it’s just me, but as we face hardship, not only in our present day situation, but during any valley we walk through during life, it makes me ask a lot of questions…questions we may never know on this side of Heaven.

Through all of the “why me” reactions to life’s unfortunate moments, surely someone, somewhere, has realized the magnitude of their unfortunate circumstance… or maybe not. Perhaps “unfortunate” is the wrong word. Because what some may see as unfortunate to them, could forever alter the course of another’s life in a positive way.

Why we are here.

This thought has been on my mind a lot lately, as we process the passing of Jimmy Breckenridge earlier this month. What likely seemed like a huge questioning of God’s plan for the Breckenridge family 57 years ago, indeed ended up positively impacting the lives of countless individuals and families later down the road. For if that little boy had not been born, how differently our lives would be.

My life has been forever changed by April 4, 1963 (Jimmy’s birthday). How thought provoking it is, that even before the dawning of our own lives, God had directed certain actions to take place in order for our paths to cross.

Why we are here.

A question we all long to know. Our purpose, our calling, our mission. Understanding the plans God has specifically just for you and me. Oh how life would be so much simpler if He just spelled it out in black and white. However, for Jimmy and the Breckenridge family, I think it was pretty clear.

And because of their lives, we now have the privilege to carry on their legacy…to ensure the lives of others are better off… to make known to all that they are loved by their Creator exactly how they are…and to spread His love to all that we encounter each day. Because after all, that’s…why we are here.

Until next time,

Steven Campbell
Executive Director