Volunteers are the sustaining force behind the Breckenridge ministry. These dedicated men and women join their hearts and hands as they give so graciously of themselves. Not only do they donate their time, our most precious gift, but they serve as ambassadors of BVT in the community. Many volunteers also generously contribute their resources to further the efforts at the Village.

Volunteers are active in beautifying the campus through facility improvement, planting trees and flowers, and mowing our lawns. For the last seven years, the BVT Men’s Mowing Crew has saved the Village thousands of dollars through their hours of dedicated service to keep our beautiful campus groomed and manicured.

The BVT Ladies Auxiliary is a vital part of all fundraising events. This faithful group of women passionately impacts the lives of BVT residents through their service and commitments.

Other volunteers are active in teaching the residents skills in art and photography, reading and writing, sports activities, horseback riding, knitting, crocheting, cooking, ceramics, and music such as guitar, vocal, and hand bell lessons.

If you would like to learn how you can become involved at Breckenridge or join one of these esteemed volunteer groups, please contact Linda Taylor at 903-596-8100 or ltaylor@bcfs.net.

Volunteer Opportunity Examples

Resident Activities/Enrichment Opportunities

  • Mentoring
  • Daily Chapel Services
  • Bowling
  • Off campus field trips
  • Special Olympics

Campus Improvement

  • Lawn Care – volunteer mowing crew
  • Flower beds – planting and maintaining
  • Beautification – painting, maintenance, etc.

Ladies Auxiliary

Annual Event Support