Order a Candle

BVT residents take pride in the work they do on campus. They are provided the opportunity to make candles in the Vocational Center and are involved in every aspect of the process. From melting and stirring the wax, to pouring the wax into the glass jars, and capping and packaging the candles, each candle is made with love by the hands of our residents.

The candles are available for purchase at Breckenridge Village, at a variety of events around East Texas, and online in an assortment of scents, including Red Hot Cinnamon, Pumpkin Bread, White Satin, Christmas Splendor, Apple Betty, Almond Walnut, Angel Wings, and Crème Brulee. Candles come in 8 oz and 3.3 oz sizes. Churches, youth groups, and various clubs in the community often sell BVT candles as a fundraiser to support their organization.

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Candle making process:

  • The large blocks of wax are placed in the heating container, which melts the wax.
  • Once the wax is melted, they are poured into smaller containers for each resident.
  • Blocks of the particular scent are then mixed in with the wax, which gives the candle its unique scented flavor.
  • Colored dye is then added if needed.
  • Once all ingredients are mixed together properly, they are ready to be poured into the glass containers. Individual wicks are secured in each container by an adhesive. The residents then pour the wax into the individual glass containers and allow them to cool.
  • Once the candles have completely cooled, the wicks are cut down to the appropriate length, then the candles are capped, labeled, packaged, and sent to the customer or event where they are to be sold.
  • The entire process is closely supervised and assisted by BVT Personnel.