Emily Bush

Emily Bush brings experience and dedication to her role as a Weekend House Manager from her career in Property Management. With an emphasis on Federal and State Housing Programs, Emily has been instrumental in providing essential housing services to vulnerable populations for many years.

Throughout her career, Emily has demonstrated a deep commitment to Resident Services, ensuring that individuals have access to the support they need to thrive in their living environments. Her compassionate approach and attention to detail have made her a trusted resource for residents facing various challenges.

In addition to her focus on resident welfare, Emily has played a crucial role in Residential Emergency Preparedness. Recognizing the importance of proactive planning and response, she has maintained strategies to ensure that properties are equipped to handle unexpected crises, providing residents with a sense of security and stability.

Emily’s dedication to her work is driven by a profound belief in the importance of providing quality housing and support services to those in need. Her combination of practical expertise, empathy, and strategic planning makes her a valuable asset to our mission, where she continues to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Emily’s faith also inspires her to live a life of service and sacrifice, following the example set by Jesus Christ. Whether it’s volunteering her time and talents to help those less fortunate, practicing forgiveness and reconciliation in her relationships, or making personal sacrifices for the greater good, Emily seeks to embody the selfless love demonstrated by her Savior.