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Residential ServicesBVT Programs and Services

BVT Philosophy

Photo: BVT ResidentBVT is a Christian residential community offering a wide variety of services to adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Our goal is to provide quality services that meet the unique needs of the individuals entrusted to our care. BVT programs are designed to help residents achieve and maintain developmentally appropriate skills which enable them to function successfully in family, group living, and community settings. We are dedicated to empowering each resident to develop spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially in a safe, loving, and closely supervised environment.

BVT administrators are responsible for ensuring that both our professional staff and the services we offer are focused on meeting the needs of residents. BVT employs persons who have good professional credentials, experience in their respective fields of expertise, and the special qualities needed to work creatively with our residents. BVT staff includes persons with degrees in special education, counseling, pastoral care, nursing, social work, and business administration. Staff consults as needed with other professionals in the community to enhance the quality of care our residents receive.

A Growth Environment

The total environment at BVT is designed to help residents learn and remember the skills they need to function adequately, adapt to daily realities, be of service to others, and achieve their God-give potential. A number of processes combine to provide residents maximum opportunity for growth and development:

  • Experiencing a broad range of creative avenues for self-expression such as athletics, dance, drama, arts, crafts, and music.
  • Relating meaningful to others through supervised group experiences.
  • Practicing life skills such as grooming, brushing teeth, washing clothes, counting money, paying for purchases, and using computers.
  • Practicing social skills such as table manners, ordering from a menu in restaurants, and acting appropriately when at church or out in the community.
  • Working together and helping others through hands-on involvement in vocational and community service projects.

This multifaceted environment nurtures self-esteem and enhances self-expression and recognizes the individuality of each resident of BVT.

Service Plans

Services plans to meet the specific needs of individual residents are developed and implemented by BVT staff through a variety of methods, including:

  • Establishing clear rules of group and individual behavior,
  • Following consistent daily rituals and routines,
  • Offering choices and options in daily activities,
  • Rewarding cooperative behaviors

Residential care and day program staff collaborate on identifying strategies and techniques that are effective in promoting self-care and self-management for our residents.

Services Offered

Photo: Aerial View of BVT Complex

The tranquil 70-acre campus of Breckenridge Village is located just west of Tyler, Texas among the tall trees and rolling hills of scenic East Texas. Campus facilities include nine residential homes, a chapel, an administrative building, a health center, a vocational center, a swimming pool, a physical fitness room, an RV park, indoor activity areas, a pavilion, a greenhouse, and plenty of room for outdoor activities. Excellent facilities are tools which enable us to offer a wide range of services that meet the individual needs of our residents.

Residential services at BVT are offered through the Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IID) Medicaid Waiver Program. ICF/ID is available for individuals with a diagnosis of a qualifying Intellectual or Developmental Disability, and who qualify for Medicaid (or if they cannot qualify for Medicaid, who have the means to pay through private funds). In addition to basic “room and board”, ICF services include individualized case management and service planning, access to medical personnel, and 24/7 live in personnel to assist with activities of daily living, such as meal preparation, laundry, basic cleaning, personal hygiene, etc.

Spiritual Development begins with BVT staff members interacting with residents in a manner that is consistent with Christian values and principles. Residents attend a daily chapel service Monday through Friday. They also attend Sunday church services with transportation and staff supervision provided to Green Acres Baptist Church or with transportation arranged by family to the church of the resident’s choice. Residents are not coerced into any specific belief system but rather are nurtured and encouraged to develop their own personal faith. Our staff members are respectful of the religious diversity of our residents.

Health and Medical services include daily administration of all medications, transportation to health care appointments, and monitoring of health concerns. These services are rendered on a daily basis through the capable BVT medical team consisting of a full time Registered Nurse and Licensed Vocational Nurse; and a local physician who serves as Medical Director (consultant) on medical policies and procedures. The RN trains all direct care staff in administering medications to residents, provides routine assessment of residents’ health needs, coordinates health care information with families and physicians, and manages the campus clinic. All BVT staff members are trained in CPR and First Aid.

Photo: BVT Residents with a dog

Day Program activities Monday through Friday provide residents at BVT multiple opportunities for learning and practicing life skills, functioning academics, basic vocational skills, and social skills. Staff helps residents learn to interact appropriately with other persons on campus and in community settings. Life Skills training focuses on the functional tasks of daily living such as reading common signs, writing letters, counting change, doing laundry, folding clothes, and caring for personal hygiene needs. Residents work on academic skills at a level appropriate to their ability. Community Based Instruction focuses on skills residents need to function acceptable in off-campus activities such as going to church services, eating in a restaurant, shopping at a retail store, or doing volunteer work. Vocational Training provides opportunity for development of basic job skills such as folding, assembling, labeling, and packaging. While working in the campus candle shop, residents are learning to pour wax, label jars, fill orders, and box finished candles.

Individual Support and Coping skills are provided by in house professionals on a situational basis to those residents capable of participating productively. Professional counseling services are available to those residents who show a need in receiving such services. The length and depth of the counseling experience is based upon each resident’s ability to benefit from such intervention. When a resident is having a difficult time due to grief, separation from family, anxiety, or concerns about relationships, BVT staff provide a listening ear, constructive feedback, encouragement, and options for coping more satisfactorily.

Recreation and Exercise are integral parts of BVT daily and weekly routines. BVT has  physical fitness equipment in many of the homes and within the day program; residents are encouraged to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. BVT also has a fully fenced swimming pool for regular use during the day program and for leisure use at scheduled times for each residential house. Water aerobics, walking, and other organized activities encourage residents to stay physically fit. Residents bowl frequently in the Family Life Center at Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler. Those who choose to do so attend dances sponsored by the local chapter of ARC once every two months. Residents also enjoy community outings such as shopping, going to the movies, and taking field trips to area attractions such as museums, the Tyler Zoo, the Athens Fish Hatchery, and other sites of interest. Community outings occur most frequently on Saturdays and Sundays.

Photo: BVT ResidentCommunity Service opportunities for residents include regular volunteer work with Meals on Wheels, the East Texas Food Bank, and other area non-profit organizations. Residents benefit from the experience of serving others in need, gain a sense of productivity, and take pride in their accomplishments through frequent involvement in a variety of community service projects. Through involvement in community service, the residents of BVT experience the joy of giving of themselves by helping others in need.


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