BVT Resident Admission Requirements

  • Residents must be out of high school and be in good physical condition
  • Have mild to moderate intellectual disabilities
  • Once admitted, the person may continue in residence as long as he/she is able to benefit from BVT's services 

Pre-Placement Visits

Those who are considering living at Breckenridge or attending the day program are welcome to come for a pre-placement visit. These visits generally last 2 to 7 days and allow the interested individual and family to experience life at the Village first-hand. Pre-placement visits provide an opportunity for the individual and family to familiarize themselves with BVT services, and allow BVT staff to decide if the prospective resident is suitable for placement at Breckenridge Village. After the conclusion of the pre-placement visit, the Admissions Committee will discuss the individual’s visit and make a decision regarding admission. The family will be contacted when the decision has been made.