Joyful in Hope, Patient in Affliction, Faithful in Prayer

What a wonderful time it was at the Christmas Family Luncheon on December 14th. Thank you to all who joined us for this wonderful event. Photos from the luncheon have been posted to the BVT Facebook page for all to see.

As we end 2019 and launch into a new year, I would like to share with you one of my favorite scriptures: “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:12.

I cling to this verse mainly because of the reminder it is of the attitude and behavior I should possess despite the season of life I am walking through.

As we go through those tough times, or life’s “valleys”, what is our attitude? Romans 12:12 reminds us of that. To be joyful, or “cause happiness” in your hope – anticipating God’s provision in your life. To be patient during the hard times, recognizing that it’s not if the hard times come, but rather when – and as I remind my kids “this too shall pass.” And lastly, faithful (loyal, steadfast constant) in praying to the One who sees you where you are.

For those who were not at the luncheon, my message was on obedience. As Mary faithfully declared to the Lord “thy will be done” when Gabriel told her that she was chosen to birth the Savior of the world, so should we be faithful to whatever calling the Lord has for us, and remain strong and obedient regardless of the valleys we fall into or the mountains we rise up on.

Friend, no matter where you are in life’s journey my prayer for you as we enter the new year is that you remember, whether in the highs or low of life, to remain constant in those three things…joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.

Enclosed you will find the renderings of the BVT Activities Building, as discussed at the Family Luncheon. This building will offer needed day program classrooms and event space for BVT activities, fundraisers, meetings, etc. The “official” start of the campaign will be in January 2020, although this project has already accumulated $425,475 in cash and pledges. Groundbreaking is expected to launch in 2021 with the anticipated opening in 2022. If you would like to be a part of this campaign, please contact Linda Taylor. This is an exciting time in the life at BVT and we want you to be a part of it.

Thank you for your support of BVT in 2019. May the New Year be filled with love, hope, joy, and exciting adventure for you and your family.

Until next time,

Steven Campbell

Executive Director