God’s Unfairness

Dear Family and Friends:

“That’s not fair!”

Unfairness is a concept I think we all share right now. Life is not fair…especially life during COVID. A season where fairness doesn’t seem to care who it leaves behind. Canceled plans, missed milestones, separated loved ones, and most of all, sickness and loss of precious life. There is nothing fair about this season.

These words are too often heard in our household. “It’s not fair!” exclaimed my little girl when her brother got to watch a tv show while she finished her homework.

“It’s not fair!” cried my young son when His sister got a scoop of ice cream after her brave display at the doctor’s office.

My wife and I are reminded about the unfairness of life as we delay trips to see grandparents, cancel vacation plans years in the making, and have to explain to our kids why they can’t go to their best friend’s birthday party at the trampoline park. It really isn’t fair.

You know what (or who) else isn’t fair? God. That’s right…God. God isn’t fair. And man am I thankful for it. Because there are plenty of things in this life that I don’t deserve. But God gives grace. His love, His forgiveness, His unending blessings upon my family and me – none of which are justified through anything I have done to deserve them.

There are also plenty of things in this life that I do deserve…punishments and penalties. But no matter the case, God is unfair with His mercy, sparing the punishment because of His love for me.

It’s unreasonable. It makes no sense. And it’s not fair.

So when life is hard, remember the type of love God has bestowed upon you and me. Life won’t always make sense. And neither will God’s grace and mercy. Because in the end, if we hold on to the truths of God, and if we remember that He is who He says He is, the unfairness of life becomes a little more insignificant.

Because God is love. God is grace. God is mercy. How thankful I am for His unfair and unreasonable opinion of me.

The next time you think life is unfair, remember the unfairness of God. His love runs deep for you. He is for you and He is ready to extend to you his unfair love to you. No one deserves that type of love – but yet He still gives it to me…to you…freely.

And as you continue to trek through this unfair season of life…always remember you can do hard things.

Until next time,


Steven Campbell
Executive Director