Giving Your All

We are officially in the first days of fall, whether the temperature outside knows it or not. The residents of BVT had a great showing at Special Olympics earlier this month and I’m truly proud for their grit, tenacity, and perseverance.

At BVT, we’re hitting the ground running full speed ahead into the new season. And while things at BVT have been busy (a good busy), it’s always wise in every season of life to take a step back and understand perspective.

During the summer months, BVT has been fervently working to open new homes, bring in new residents, prepare for fundraising events, work on portable building designs, pass new legislation, remodel showers, remodel the Founder’s Home, install spillways drainage systems, complete the Masterpiece Calendar – just to name a few – all while providing quality care to those entrusted to us.

But despite everything going on, we pause to gain perspective. None of these “things” are we doing for our own satisfaction or gratification. A quote that I hold tightly to is: “The most important things in life aren’t things.” There is so much truth to this statement, that it encourages us to remember who we are doing these things for, rather than simply the things themselves. It’s easy to get caught up in the hurrying of doing something that we can lose sight on the reason behind it.

But when we lay our head down each night, can we close our eyes knowing that today we gave it our all? Because in the end, if we did our best, what more could we ask of ourselves?

So, friends, my encouragement to you this month is to never forget, in the busyness of life, these three things: 1) what is driving your “busyness”; 2) what is most important to you; and 3) are you giving it your best?

There’s no better day than today to begin anew.

Until next time,

Steven Campbell
Executive Director