What Are You Chasing?

What are you chasing?

As my family and I enter into Thanksgiving, we are trying to be intentional about teaching our children what “giving thanks” truly looks like. Not just acting like it…but sincerely being thankful.

Showing gratitude can sometimes be hard. In a world where we strive to achieve more, sometimes it’s difficult to simply be content. Surrounded by a culture where only people in commercials and Facebook “actually” have it all together, teaching sincere gratitude to two acquisitive children who already believe the world revolves around them is daunting.

If there’s anything I want my children to remember, it would be this:

Some people spend their whole life searching for something – money, status, popularity, security…the list goes on. If I’ve learned anything from my short time on this earth, it’s that these things will never be enough. We may have a little, or we may have a lot. But in the end, it’s all the same…because in the end, it doesn’t really matter. So ask yourself, what are you chasing?

And you’ll make friends along the way, but be careful who you choose to be your friend. Not everyone really is your friend. You’ll recognize the real ones by how they respond to your successes and your failures; when they not only laugh with you, but also cry with you; someone who has your back; someone who you’re not afraid to be yourself with. Those friends are rare. Hold on to those.

Don’t worry if you’re not popular. As the wise Charity Barnum once said (from your favorite movie, The Greatest Showman),‘You don’t need everyone to love you, just a few good people.’

A couple of more things: there’s nothing you have done or could do to change my love for you. But as much as I love you, your God in Heaven loves you even more. And that’s the best gift of all.”

So maybe it’s not about my kids after all. Or…maybe it is, but just a part. Maybe it’s about my own heart and ensuring my own perspective is in check.

What am I chasing? What are you chasing? What do we need to do in our own heart to ensure we are showing sincere gratitude this Thanksgiving season?

Oh, and that part about not needing everyone to love you, just a few good people… That’s why I work at Breckenridge.

Until next time,

Steven Campbell
Executive Director