Breckenridge Village Officially Begins 12-Month Celebration of 25th Anniversary


CONTACT: Elliott Harris


TYLER, Texas – Jimmy Breckenridge was one of 24 residents who had a brand new home when Breckenridge Village, a Tyler nonprofit for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, first opened its doors in 1998.

As the namesake of Breckenridge Village, Jimmy was the inspiration behind what is today a 25-year success story of providing service to deserving residents and participants of Breckenridge Village.

Jimmy was diagnosed with Down syndrome at a very young age, and his parents dedicated their lives to finding a home that could be his well after they were gone. Their dream came to pass only after a great deal of work, patience and partnership, and Jimmy spent over two decades of his life at Breckenridge Village before passing away in 2020.

Breckenridge Village held a celebration on April 4 honoring Jimmy’s birthday and kicking off the start of Breckenridge Village’s 25th anniversary.

Tyler elected officials including Mayor Don Warren and Chief of Police Jimmy Toler attended the special event, and staff members and friends of Breckenridge Village from throughout the decades came to share their best memories.

“The thing you need to understand about April 4 was that we didn’t know it was Jimmy’s birthday when we planned it,” said Kevin C. Dinnin, Breckenridge Village Board Chairman, during a tree dedication honoring Jimmy at the event. “We had so many people involved in trying to find a day that would work for the grand opening of Breckenridge Village, and when I called Jean [Breckenridge] to tell her we had decided on April 4, she said ‘That’s Jimmy’s birthday.’ That was only one of many clear signs to me that Breckenridge Village was God’s plan.”

In addition to the tree dedication honoring Jimmy Breckenridge, the event included proclamations from the City of Tyler and Smith County, many stories shared about Jimmy, and plenty of prayer.

You can help Breckenridge Village celebrate another 25 years during early giving for East Texas Giving Day at

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Breckenridge Village has been a home for adults with disabilities since 1998, providing 24/7 direct care for people whose parents are no longer able to fully provide everything their children need.