Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies to receive services at Breckenridge Village?

Any individual 18 years or older who is diagnosed with a mild to moderate developmental disability.

How many residents live in each cottage? How many residents are housed in each bedroom? Do males and females cohabitate in the cottages?

Each cottage can accommodate 6 to 8 residents. Each resident has their own private bedroom and shares a bathroom with one other resident. Males and females do not cohabitate in the cottages.

Is staff available on-site 24/

Yes. Each home is staffed with a house manager who remains on duty while the residents are home. Relief staff comes in every weekend to provide coverage at each home. There is also an Administrator on duty after hours and on weekends.

How much does it cost for residency or day programs at Breckenridge Village?

If you are interested in services at BVT for your loved one and would like pricing and availability information, please contact Marque Robinson, Director of Day Program Services, at or April Lanier, Director of Residential Services, at, you may also reach them by calling (903) 596-8100.

Is financial assistance available for potential residents?

All homes are contracted through the Health and Human Services’ Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities program (ICF-IID). The cost of the program is determined by several factors including Social Security benefits, and Medicaid eligibility. For more information, please contact April Lanier, Director of Residential Services, at or (903) 596-8100.

Can my loved one participate in the Day Enrichment Program at Breckenridge without being a resident?

Yes. The Day Enrichment Program is available for individuals who only need services Monday through Friday.

What medical services are provided?

There is one Registered Nurse (RB) and one Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) on duty during normal business hours, as well as one RN on-call after hours and on weekends. The RN coordinates the residents’ medical appointments and works closely with physicians to ensure residents receive the best possible medical care

Who transports the residents to medical appointments?

Nurses or other BVT staff transport the residents to and from their medical appointments, unless otherwise specified by the guardian.

What activities are provided on the BVT campus?

Residents are provided a variety of vocational or pre-vocational training opportunities, such as horticulture, candle-making, knitting, journalism, art, exercise, water aerobics, sports, musical lessons, swimming, fishing, Wii Fit, Action Club sponsored by the Kiwanis Club, and other recreational activities. 

What activities are provided off-campus?

Residents are provided with a variety of off-campus activities, such as bowling, movies, eating out, utilizing local church's Recreational Facilities, visiting local libraries, and attending plays, musicals, and concerts. Our residents also participate in Special Olympics, the ARC Funlover’s Dance, and the Special Children's Project Annual Prom. BVT residents are very involved in community service projects and participate in a variety of programs such as Stepping Stone Thrift Store, Jesus Closet, Meals on Wheels, Welcome Home Soldier, East Texas Food Bank, visiting local nursing homes, and stuffing bulletins at Green Acres Church. The villagers have provided volunteer support to several other non-profit organizations in and around Tyler.

Are Chapel Services offered on the BVT campus?

Yes. Chapel services are provided each weekday morning from 8:30 am to 9:00 am to those who choose to attend. Services are led by BVT staff and local church leaders.