2nd Annual Baseball Game at the Brook Hill School


Residents and community members of Breckenridge Village of Tyler travelled to the Brook Hill School on October 25 to participate in their second annual baseball game against the school. This year’s game took place indoors due to inclement weather, but the teams had no less fun coming together in some friendly competition during Brook Hill’s homecoming week.

Watch the video below to catch some highlights, or view pictures from Brook HIll.

BVT Second Annual Softball Video Transcript – PDF Format

Here’s what some participant’s from Friday’s game had to say:

“I enjoyed playing against Brook Hill and look forward to our next competition.” – Tanner, program participant at BVT

“I found it very electrifying to watch, and it kept me riveted.” – Linda, resident at BVT

“This was my first year to play softball, and I really enjoyed the new experience. Of course my favorite part was when we won!” – Erin, resident at BVT

“We were so excited to attend the 2nd annual BVT vs. Brook Hill game. We are so thankful that Brook Hill not only takes the time to put on the event but they also work hard with the student body to make it special. It’s a great experience for our BVT community and greatly appreciate by BVT families. These events certainly enrich the lives of both our BVT residents and the students at Brook Hill as well. We are looking forward to future events!” – Todd and Nancy, parents of a BVT program participant